Track Coin Market is sharing with you the information related to the most and high Paid Coins list which are highly searching in 2022 for making money.

Finding a treasure hidden in an old dresser drawer or the attic is the stuff of dreams.

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Some old and rare coins are given in the list below, the chances of getting the coins of that list are less in your old glass jar, but maybe if someone is fond of collecting coins, then they can definitely get them.

Coins are very expensive, you may have seen some coins or you will have a collection.

Top 10 Most Searching Valuable & High Paid Coins List: 

1. Liberty Head Nikle (Year 1913)

Sold Price- 5 million dollars 

Sold Date- $3.7 million in public auction 2010.

Sold By- Public Auction

ValueCent 5 ( 0.5 US $ )
Mass5 Gm
CompositionCopper Value -75%Nikle Value – 25%
Year of Start1883
Year of Expiry1993

This coin is not as old as you would think but you can get to see even older coins in this list but Liberty Head Nikle coin

Can claim to be the most valuable on this list

If you look at its actual price, it was 5 cents, but this coin is one of the rare coins, so this coin is worth one in millions.

1917 Liberty V Nickel is a major nickle from all nickle I was suppressed without the respect of US Mint and the US Mint carried the Liberty Nickel V from 1883 to 1913, and only one of the famous five coins was minted in the last year’s vintage.

Coin samples have been put up for auction since 2000 and were hit many times.

Several million dollars were received from his auction.


The sample reportedly sold for $4.15 million in 2005 and was flipped in 2007 for $5 million.

  1. One Million Dollar Gold Canadian Maple Leaf (Year 2007)

Sold Price- 4 million dollar 

Sold Date-25 June 2010 

Sold By- Auction house Dorotheum, wien, Austria   

Value1000000 Canadian Dollar
Mass100,000 gm
Composition999.99% Pure Gold
Year of Start2003

This is a novelty coin.

This coin is made of pure gold, the width of this coin was 50 centimeters wide and 1 inch in thickness.

Till date only 6 coins have been made from pure gold coins and each coin is worth 1 million dollars.

The 1 Million Dollar Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin was certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest gold coin in October 2007

The front side of this coin depicts “Queen Elizabeth II” while the reverse side depicts a Canadian maple leaf.

The coin was the world’s first million-dollar gold coin produced by the “Canadian Mint” in 2007.

The coin is made of 99.999% pure gold and weighs an impressive 100 kg.

Ounces Gold came to promote the new line of maple leaf bullion coins.

As of March 2017, the market value of one large maple leaf had reached approximately $4 million.

But on 27 March 2017, One of the coins was stolen from the Berlin Museum Big Maple Leaf is making the largest gold coin as of 2011.

   3- Edward III Florin (Year 1343)

Sold Price- 6.8 million Dollar

Sold Date- 

Sold By- Auction   

Value6 shillings
Composition108 grains of pure gold
Year of Start27 January 1344
Year of ExpiryJuly 1344

This coin is one of the most popular and rare coins on our list.

This coin, also known as the “Double Leopard”, was valued at six shillings.

his coin was circulated in England from December 1343 to July 1344.

Even today, of all the English coins, only three coins are in existence.

Two of the three coins were found in the Time River in 1857, and the third was sold at an auction in 2006 for £460,000.

It was found that same year by a metal detecting enthusiast in the south of England.4

4-Double Eagle (Year 1933)-

Sold Price- 7.6 Million Dollar 

Sold Date- 30, July 2002

Sold By- Sotheby’s and Stack’s,  New York 

Value20 U.S Dollar
Mass33.431 gm
Composition90% Gold , 10 % Copper
Year of Start1933
Year of ExpiryJuly 1344

This coin is a 20 U.s dollar gold coin. In 1933, 445,500 samples of the double eagle coin were minted by the United States.

In 1933, 445,500 samples of the double eagle coin were minted by the United States, but no coin was issued and all coins except 2 were ordered to be melted.

20 coins were stolen and later recovered by the collector and orders were given to melt 9 out of 20 coins.

The two deliberately minted coins were issued to the U.S. It was kept in the National Numismatic Collection.

And ten other coins were deposited in United States Bullion at Fort Knox.

And the last remaining coin was sold to a private collector in 2002.

At that time the coin was sold for 7.59US Dollar.

5Flowing Hair Silver/Copper Dollar (1794)

Sold Price- 7.6 Million Dollar 

Sold Date- 30, July 2002

Sold By- Sotheby’s and Stack’s,  New York 

Value1 U.S Dollar
Mass26.96 gm
Composition90% Silver10% copper
Year of Start1794-1795
Year of Expiry

You must have heard and seen a lot of expensive and rare coins, but this coin is also the most expensive selling coin and also the rarest coin.

Flowing hair silver dollar This coin is made of 90% silver and 10% copper metal.

This coin was minted in 1794 and 1795, making the size and weight of this coin similar to the Spanish dollar.

 The front side of the coin depicts the image of Lady Liberty with flowing hair and the reverse of the coin depicts the American Eagle.

This coin is the most expensive coin on this list. 

Many experts believed that this coin was from the U.S. The first silver coin by the federal government was which the U.S. had issued.

 This coin set a world record for the most expensive auction ever sold.

Whose sales amount exceeded 10 million dollars.

6-Umayyad Gold Dinar (723)-

Sold Price- 4.8 Million Dollar 

Sold Date- Oct 25, 2019

Sold By- Morton & Eden , Auction London

Value        –
Mass4.2 gm
Diameter19 mm
CompositionGold (.917)
Year of Start723

This dinar is a very famous dinar coin, although many dinar were minted in the seventh century.

But this dinar is one of the most expensive dinars sold at auction, it was extracted from gold mined at the site owned by the Caliph.

This is the Umayyad gold dinar coin that was minted in the seventh century. The coin bears the inscription “Commander’s Mine of the Faithful”.

This dinar was minted in Saudi Arabia with metal mined from the Ma`din Bani Sulaim in Saudi Arabia,

This coin was active till 2011.

In the year 2019, this coin was sold for 4.8 million Dollars in “Morton and Eden” auctions in London, at this time it coin was the second most expensive coin sold.

 It is believed that this coin was expected to sell for less than 1 million dollars.

But this coin surprised everyone by being auctioned for 4.8 million dollars. but a bidding war broke out between the four collectors, resulting in an increase in the auction price of the coin.

The final bid winner was a private European citizen.

Earlier this coin was auctioned in 2011 for 3.7 million pounds (about 6 million dollars) and for the second time in 2019.

Another version was auctioned, although its auction amount in pounds was the same as the old auction price but in dollar terms.

Due to the fall in the value of dollar this coin was reduced to 4.8 million dollars.

7- Fugio cent (1787)

Value0.01 US Dollar
Mass10.2 gm
Year of Start1787

This coin is also known as the Franklin cent. The Fugio cent is the first official circulation coin of the United States.

This coin is made of copper metal, it is designed by Benjamin Franklin and this coin was minted in 1787,

This coin has not set a record as the first two coins on this list, but this coin may still be a valuable coin.

But this coin also has an interesting history.

fugio cent coin is also known as Franklin cent.

On the front side of this coin is written “Mind your business” and the sun and sundial are made with the Latin motto “fugio,”.

On the reverse side of this coin, “We are one” is written and the chain of America’s first 13 states remains.

8- Bust Dollar (1804) Class 1 

Sold Price- 3.8 Million Dollar

Sold Date- March 31st, 2017.

Sold By-”Stack’s Bowers Galleries & Sotherby’s”

Value1 US Dollar
Mass410.21 gm
CompositionSilver Value -90%Copper Value – 10%
Year of Start1804